Friday, 10 October 2008

Strangest cocktail book discovery I've ever made.

I can't recall why I looked at this postcard on eBay. I think it was listed as "postcard of woman with cocktail book" or something to that effect. I couldn't tell from the photo what the title was, though it was clear she was holding a cocktail book, so I ordered the card. 
Under a magnifying glass it read, "900 Recettes de Cocktails et Boissons Americaines par A. Torelli". I'd never heard of it, but I managed to find a copy. It's got some excellent recipes in it, and it must have been pretty popular as it was reprinted quite a few times from its 1929 debut. My favorite cover is the very deco 1949(?) edition with a shaker in the colors of the French flag. 

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